LED Flex Foil

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The Flexfoil lamps consist of five components namely :Flexfoil

  • Transparent plastic strip (choose from a number of plastics,
    optimized on the application, indoor and/or outdoor use,
    rigid or flexible, needed color/transparancy)
  • Led strip
    Mechanical reinforcement of the LED strip and/or strip
    (Plastics may be composed out of layers).
    It is easy to apply a pattern on the outer surface.
    When desired, there may be holes arranged in the lamp.
  • Electric Controller
  • Power supply
  • Pattern placed on or in the film according to customer requirements

The maximum operating temperature of the flexfoil lamp is 60 degrees.
When the temperature is above 60 degrees, then an
additional heat dissipation can be created in the LED's by means of to build in aluminum.
Usually we use side emitters (Flat LED's) where the used power is about 8W per/meter.
If there is a need for more power, then the LED's can be carried out in a double row, then the used power is about 16W per/meter.
When used outdoor, the lamp is carried out in a plastic which discoloration (UV) counteracts.
Logo's can be directly applied to the film.